inTennis is a fantastic solution to our management needs. We have tried many programs from around the globe but most were either too complicated or too simple, in other words they didn't cater specifically to Australian tennis centre needs. inTennis fills that gap.

Kim Warwick
6 times Grand Slam Champion
Centre Manager, Kim Warwick Tennis Academy, NSW

inTennis is a fantastic all round package for the coach or centre owner alike. It has been able to manage all of my squads with ease, give me all the information at the touch of a button – and best of all give me less time in the office, and more time on the court coaching. There are other solutions out there, but none of those have come close to inTennis.

Anthony Moore
Principal, Moore Tennis, NSW

As I am always looking for ways to improve my operations, the inTennis software solution has enabled improved squad management, it allows for easy and effective court bookings; gone are the days of booking courts on a large piece of paper! Tracking customers is easy and enables fantastic opportunities to communicate specials to them. The support that the SportLogic team offers is fantastic. If you are serious about running a great facility, the inTennis software solution is for you.

Andrew Sun
Director, Max Tennis, NSW

The inTennis program is a fantastic off court tool for the mobile tennis coach like myself. I coach at 5 locations across Melbourne and it is so very simple to use. It covers all facets of a tennis coach from court bookings and invoicing to lesson attendance and much more. Mark's help in the set up was nothing short of professional and it is his ongoing assistance and regular upgrades of the program which makes this program so fantastic.

Andrew Peake
Head Coach, Peake Tennis, VIC

I have been a Tennis/Badminton coach in North West Victoria for over 20 years. During that time I have spent many hours on sports administration, especially data base functions/formulas for all my pupils/programs. I have not been able to find a suitable program where all my requirements are in a single program. Just last week (May 15, 2008) I was sent a brochure via my Wilson Sponsorship Manager.

It did not take me long to realise that this program has all the enhancements I need. From managing Private Lessons, Pee- Wee Tennis sessions, Squads and Clinics, the system catered for all my needs.

After a short email to Mark, the software arrived, and even in the space of only 2 days, my systems have all been amalgamated into one easy program.

I have found Mark Chen very enthusiastic towards assisting in the initial setup, and interested in any personal requirements I may need to enhance by business.

I have found "inTennis" very simple to use, even with the many and varying functions and reports. I now look forward to my administration tasks and am able to spend more time in developing and marketing my business.

Max Baldwinson
Accredited Tennis Coach — A.T.P.C.A
Accredited Badminton Coach — A.S.C

inTennis is a must have software solution for tennis coaches and centres. It has enabled me to cover all aspects of areas to run my business with ease and simplicity like never before! 

These aspects include:
Class Management keeping track with student's profiles, attendance, payments, invoice printing and more.
Court Bookings allowing me to view all daily bookings ready to print easily and track outstanding court booking payments. 

All these important functions and more to help me save my time and maximise my business. 

Finally a software product tailored for only tennis with updating features that coaches input ideas and suggestions. Thank you to the SportLogic team for offering #1 service and support. I highly recommend it!

Daniel Di Lucca
Director, Tennis First Coaching Centre, NSW

inTennis is the most efficient court management system we encountered. We finally found the quality and ease we were looking for. The management modules they provide make the most efficient and user friendly interface we found inside or outside the US. It has taken our operation to another efficiency level and we confidently recommend this software and other products from SportLogic to anyone who is serious about operating above the competition. inTennis organizes internal operations while giving directors the time to focus on Center Development and planning. Customer service reps and help staff matched the quality of their product and provided us with everything we needed. Special thanks to Mark Chen for all his efforts.

Tamer El Sawy
Owner/Director, Elsawy Tennis Center, Florida USA

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate SportLogic on developing such a user-friendly software solution. inTennis has streamlined the operations of our business allowing us at the touch of a button to effectively manage our class list, student profiles and attendance patterns. The greatest feature we have found so far is that it has automated our invoicing process which has saved us time and money no more manual systems – we love it.

We also appreciate the support we receive from the SportLogic team – it is second to none. We would highly recommend this software.

Kurt Morrison
Head Coach, Cherrybrook Tennis Coaching Centre, NSW

When I first saw inTennis at the coaches conference, I thought “This looks great. An easy software package that looks user friendly”.

After deliberating for some weeks, I finally bought the program and have not regretted it since. I have been using the program for 2 school terms and it makes life a lot easier.

It is easy to set up and use. Makes court booking, invoicing and lesson planning much easier than using spreadsheets.

Nicky Mayer
Club Manager - Gove Peninsula Tennis Club, NT

One of the main challenges we have faced as new Centre Managers has been the financial management of coaching fees; that is the monitoring and collection of. We have been using inTennis since the beginning of 2008 and it has had made a huge positive impact on this area of our business. Mark Chen of inTennis is extremely receptive to feedback and it just keeps getting better! We receive regular version updates and each one has functions that make not only the financial management side easier but also the management of coaching groups, squads and privates. We are very glad we invested in the inTennis program!

Treena Monroe & Warren Foote
Centre Manager, Red Centre Tennis Academy, NT

inTennis has made my business so much easier to organise, all facets of a tennis business have been catered for and the layout is brilliant. Class organising and invoicing has never been easier. I would highly recommend this software.

Nick Board
Director, Topspin Tennis, VIC

inTennis has helped us set procedures and become more professional and organised. 

Jay Salter

I have only recently purchased the inTennis software (Oct 08) and have used it for the first time in generating invoices, and planning classes. Once the information is in the database, then it's a very simple process that is both extremely quick and easy to do. This process will be saving me a lot of valuable time in the future and to have the lessons plans, client contact details, invoicing and payments systems all in one program is the reason why I purchased the inTennis software. 

Mark is also extremely helpful and willing to spend time on the phone with me whenever I need him. He provides excellent customer follow-up and very prompt service and this is also important especially when starting out with the program to know that when you need help, it’s only a phone call away and you never have to wait. 

inTennis is already a great program and I know that Mark is adding to it constantly to improve it (with SMS capabilities now available). If you are spending way too much time with your planning and invoicing than I recommend this program to you.

Allan Say
Director, Pro-Am Tennis, QLD

Managing a large tennis complex can be difficult when it comes to court bookings. inTennis' court booking system solves all of our problems by being easy to use while being thorough with reports and recording payments. I have a lot of staff that work in my pro-shop and with inTennis the court bookings are more efficient. There are no double ups during peak periods when a lot of coaching and competitions are being held. No more pieces of paper for my court bookings. 

This is the best purchase any Tennis Centre operator could make.

Tim White
Managing Director, Advantage Tennis Academy
Richmond Tennis Centre, NSW

I am writing on behalf of Killara Lawn Tennis Club and Nat Phee Tennis. We recently purchased the inTennis program from SportLogic to help manage our complex of courts and membership base. It is a masterpiece!! If you want software to help in the day to day management of a tennis centre-club or squash courts, this is it. It will save you time and money and provide all the details you need at the click of a button. I cannot recommend this program enough - give it a try, I am positive you will be as happy with it as we are. This testimonial is provided to SportLogic for no payment, we just think it is great and would be of untold benefit to other sporting operators. Great Australian product.

Nathan Phee
Owner, Nat Phee Tennis, NSW
Killara Lawn Tennis Club

In taking over the lease of the Tennis Centre we realised that we had a need for a user-friendly software package that would automate sales in our ProShop/Cafe, track court bookings and payments, manage student and class information and automate coaching invoices. We are happy to say that inTennis has done just that. The programme’s ease of use and flexibility has certainly improved the administration of our business and has made us a more efficient and professional organisation. 

The Point of Sale software has certainly saved time and lessened financial errors. It efficiently processes daily sales, calculates expenditure, stock movement and GST and provides historical financial reports which are required by our Accountant for the BAS statement. 

Through the 'Booking' section, court hire bookings and the coaching programme are at our fingertips, and with the user-friendly functionality of the system we can easily create, edit and copy court bookings. It is simple to create recurring bookings, eg. permanent weekly bookings and we really appreciate the flexibility of being able to delete a single week's booking within a recurring booking. Also, the colour coding and clever icons provided make it easy to distinguish not only the different types of bookings, but also the status of bookings, ie. attended, paid, rained out etc. We also make a lot of use of the 'Note' section provided and utilise this each day to record messages, reminders etc – these messages were previously lost on little bits of paper! 

In the 'Classes' section we can easily create classes and enrol students and then transfer these to the booking sheets. With the click of the mouse we can easily access class details, list of students enrolled in each class, student contact details and medical details, attendance records and invoice records. We love the way all this information is integrated. Invoicing is also very simple to do as the student and class booking system is integrated with an automated invoicing system ... and all family members can be linked which allows students in the one family to be invoiced together on the one invoice. 

inTennis provides an abundance of reports which fulfil our needs and these can be exported as Excel or PDF documents and printed. 

Software Systems are only as good as the support you receive and the support we have received from Mark Chen has been outstanding. He is always available to answer any questions we may have and is always willing to go that extra mile to provide us with solutions to our specific needs, and updating and improving the software as required. Thank you Mark ... we appreciate your support over the last 8 months and we look forward to a continuing and flourishing relationship with you in the future.

Emma Miller
Emerald Lakes Tennis Centre, QLD

As a coach running a business spanning three clubs and a number of schools, I have found the inTennis software a great tool for managing my business. I have also been extremely pleased with the speed and content of the online support received and the company's receptiveness to feedback and responsiveness to our individual needs. I would certainly recommend inTennis to other coaches in a similar business environment to ours.

Tim Seymour
Head Coach, Tennis Extreme, UK

I was doubtful when deciding to change software, as I had already been promised the world by other companies and then in reality, it was all too hard to create. Thanks to Mark's excellent customer service, attention to detail, never ending patience and ability to help us customize the software to cater to our needs, I am happier than ever. I can spend less time on administration and more time on what I have been trained to do, teach dance! Thanks so much Mark and the team at SportLogic.

Lisa Peresan
Dance Studio Owner, DJAZZEX Dance and Pilates

Since implementing InTennis in partnership with Court Access our business has benefited enormously. Firstly we were looking at how we could streamline our Enrolment Process, Financial Reporting and day to day operations for accuracy in organising Lessons, Makeup Lessons, Trials, and New Enrolments.
Managing a Tennis Centre has a great number of downtime hours where Courts are vacant during the day with peak hours in the morning and afternoon/nights. We approached Mark to discuss how we could facilitate a System that not only streamlines Enrolments and reporting but also a fail safe Booking System to progress with needs of our patrons. Mark was extremely helpful in facilitating an ONLINE System which encompassed all of our needs far beyond our expectations. The added bonus of access via phone, PC or MAC.
The development of Online Booking coupled with Access through a Gate Access PIN CODE System, has revolutionised our Business and the future of Tennis Court Hire. Patrons are able to book 365 days a year at a time to suit through our Web page. We have noticed a greater number of patrons opting to Book Online as Technology become such an enormous art of everyones day to day life. We are also noticing a New demographic of Patrons, a generation of technology advanced Patrons who are taking advantage of the System which suits their lifestyle.
The system is extremely user friendly. Training Staff is so very simple, assists with efficiency and relays the Professionalism we strive to achieve. Financial Reporting is very detailed, perfect for Reporting, BAS and day to day Balancing. Invoicing is at your fingertips, with all Accounting Systems linked, BAS has never been so easy.
Support has been quick and responsive when learning the System. Not query is too small for the Support Team, they understand learning a new System can be daunting, explanations and assistance is in real time and with professionalism.
We now have more time to dedicate to the important aspects of our business, Coaching and communicating with our Patrons. If you are looking for a System that offers you all benefits to your life, this is the System for you.

Dee Dornseiff
Manager, Andrew Dornseiff Professional Tennis Coaching
Mudgeeraba Tennis Club
Andrew Dornseiff Professional Tennis Coaching

As a tennis coaching business with over 500 kids a week on court we rely on technology to make sure we are as efficient as possible. The inTennis App is an invaluable tool for our coaching staff to keep track of their weekly and daily coaching schedules, court allocations, student enrolments, mark off lesson attendance and access student parent contact details – all while on the move and remotely. It has an easy to use interface and updates seamlessly with the inTennis software so changes to lessons in the office reflect instantly in the app. We would not be able to operate efficiently without it.

John Lemmon-Warde
Brookfield Tennis Centre