Bulk emailing your customer’s invoices

When using your SportLogic software, you are bound to have a lot of classes, and no doubt a lot of students and parents in each class to individually create and email unique invoices to. Fortunately, your SportLogic software automates the entire process, generating invoices tailored to each of your customers and emailing them to your specified contacts with only a single click.

Click “Classes” on the sidebar and select your class folder in the explorer next to the sidebar. Next, click on “Show Invoices” located on the toolbar. Now click “Select all” if you wish to select your entire class, then “Send Invoices”. Once everything is in order, click “Send” on the upper left corner of the window.

It should be noted that if you don’t wish to send your entire class their invoices, you can select individual people on your class record; and only those people will receive their invoices.

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